Eesti Energia operates an industrial plant producing liquid fuels from oil shale. This plant is the only one of its type in the world and uses the efficient Enefit-140 solid heat carrier system, which was developed and patented by Eesti Energia engineers. Eesti Energia Õlitööstus (Eesti Energia Oil Industry) produces liquid fuels and retort gas, which is used in electricity production in the Narva power plants. Oil Industry produces about one million barrels of liquid fuels per year. Currently about one fifth of the oil shale mined in Estonia is used in the production of fuel oil and chemicals.

Oil Industry


New and cleaner Enefit-280 oil plant
Recent years have seen a steady trend towards using oil shale to produce liquid fuels. In 2009, Eesti Energia started building a new oil plant with Enefit-280 technology, which is cleaner and more reliable and has a higher production capacity. This new generation of technology has been developed jointly by Eesti Energia and the international engineering company Outotec. Eesti Energia is planning to expand its oil business and to build a hydrogen processing complex by 2016, creating a business that can produce liquid fuels that are of higher quality than the current shale oil and that will meet all the legal requirements for use as motor fuel.

Development and sale of the Enefit technology
We offer interested countries an integrated solution for oil shale processing, from resource studies to construction of a power plant or oil plant. The core of the technology we offer is the Enefit technology developed jointly by Eesti Energia and the international engineering company Outotec, the world's cleanest and most efficient technology for oil shale processing. Read more »

Oil sales
We sell liquid fuels derived from oil shale, which have a low sulphur content and can be used in various applications. About 40% of our production is exported and about 60% is used by local heat producers.
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The whole energy industry, including Eesti Energia, is fully aware that by converting energy, we affect the environment. This is why we ensure that our plants and our management practices, including our oil plants, conform to international standards.