Bauhof is an international retail chain of home improvement and gardening products. Currently Bauhof operates 17 stores based on international DIY-concept: 12 in Estonia and 5 in Lithuania. Since 2010 Bauhof is a member of European DIY association EDRA (European Home Centre Retail Association), which joins 27 leading enterprises in 44 different countries (additional information:  At present Bauhof holds the market leader position in Estonia.

Bauhof’s product range consists of over 40 000 expertly-stocked high-quality construction, finishing and gardening goods meeting the needs of the most demanding clients. Fast service, free and spacious parking lots, good store locations with inspiring sales areas combined with attractive price level make Bauhof preferable shopping place both for business and private client.

Today Bauhof has nearly 500 employees.


Bauhof Group AS
Peterburi road 64
11415 Tallinn, Estonia


Phone number: +372 606 1403
Fax number: + 372 606 1401
Bank account: 221013873634