Rental is the core of Ramirent’s business. We have a strong heritage and proud history of leading the equipment rental sector. Starting out as a metal nail shop and learning our trade within the construction sector, we have grown our knowledge and developed our offering to successfully serve other industry sectors.

At Ramirent we dare to do things differently. We are pioneers of opening up undeveloped rental markets through organic expansion and local acquisitions. Finding like-minded people and building long-term relationships with our customers has helped to develop our entrepreneurial spirit with a unique dynamism. This has made us one of the leading rental solutions companies in Europe, offering one of the largest fleets to local customer use. The key to success is in our culture. We are responsible can-doers who see more opportunities than problems along the way.

Our mission is to simplify business by delivering Dynamic Rental Solutions. Dynamic means active and progressive. In other words, we are focused on solving our customers’ problems by finding the best solution in each situation on a local business level. But also through the size, power and synergies of our entire organisation. As problem solvers we want to simplify business for our customers. Here, renting itself contributes to the problem solving process by releasing enterprise resources. Not to mention that our business is already environmentally friendly: renting a machine is an eco-efficient choice as sharing of equipment among several users helps to reduce the environmental load.

Together with our customers, we will continue to innovate and shape our industry by actively finding Dynamic Rental Solutions for their needs.