Power grid construction

Eesti Energia Võrguehitus (Power Grid Construction) offers integrated solutions and individual designs for building and maintaining electrical and communication networks, from initial design and the signing of land use contracts, to the actual construction and maintenance work.

Our services include:

  • Design, construction and maintenance work for 0.4–330 kV electrical installations;
  • Design, construction and maintenance work for telecommunication systems;
  • Design, construction, configuration and maintenance work for relay protection equipment and automatic equipment;
  • Customer consultations about power use and land use;
  • Choosing power line locations and legalising power line extensions, and signing contracts for right of use of land;
  • Technical and owner's supervision;
  • Geodesic surveys and detailed plans;
  • Development schemes, plans and feasibility studies for energy systems;
  • Choosing and coordinating development plans and power line locations;
  • Inspection of electrical installations, with diagnostics and measuring;
  • Technical inspection and conformance assessment of electrical installations;
  • Maintenance of electrical installations;
  • Diagnostics and repairs for current transformers;
  • Tests for means of protection;
  • Oil and insulation work.